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Fishing in belize

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Except for fishermen, and in particular, light tackle anglers and fly fishermen as well as divers, Belize, once known as British Honduras is the forgotten part of Central America. It is located just south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, to the east of Guatemala and is the only English speaking country in the region..

It's chief claim to fame is that it has the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, and second in the world only to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. This, along with the fact that over ninety percent of its islands are uninhabitable makes it a light tackle anglers idea of heaven. From the super clear waters along the reef, through its myriad clusters of mangrove islands into its jungle rivers, it has something for everybody.

Want variety? You can expect to catch two dozen different species of fish in a weeks time, from bonefish, permit and tarpon to wahoo, sailfish, grouper and snapper. Want to specialize? Get out your ten weight fly rod and try for the elusive permit, or stalk massive schools of bonefish. How about tarpon? Where do you prefer to pursue them? In slow moving jungle rivers with the howler monkeys screaming at you or on wide open flats with your guide slowly bringing you within casting range? Belize has it all.

Winter is just around the corner, and if you feel the need to spend some time catching fish without thinking about how many layers of clothing you need, Belize is just the place for you.
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I've heard lots of great things about Croc Bay from Mike Laptew. He filmed some of the footage for hew new video series Understanding Fish and How to Catch Them there. Awsome stuff!

He told me about a local who took a 200 or so pound Jewfish from the shore on a hand line!

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