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Like the saying goes:

"You can't catch , what aint there".
As these pros all your homework and work hard. The harder you work , the more luck you get.

A great marine chart of your area.
A bunch of different marker pens.
A daily temp chart.
A another fishing boat for safety.

Trolling speed.
Trolling patterns.
Trolling lures.

Chunking equipment.
Chunking techniques.
Chunking tricks.

I don't know how experienced you are , but if you follow some basic rules , you will increase your hookup to catch ratio.

I like trolling , especially early season. The YFT haven't settled in yet to a particular area. That area will always be where the bait is. So they move aound a lot.
Using 14 + lures when the YFT are eating 6-10 inch bait will be counter productive.
Trolling to slow or to fast will be counter productive.
Putting the lures in the wrong place will.....
Mixing lures of different trolling speeds will....
Trolling in areas where they aren't likely to be will......
You get the picture.

Outline the depth contours on your chart in differnt colors(YFT highways).
Get a updated temp chart OR ask your friends where.
Learn where to put your lures in your wake. Each boat has it's own sweetspot , where 2 feet in either direction will make a difference.
Learn what speed is MOST productive for the sea conditions you encounter. Seas change , u must adapt.
Match the hatch for the day. If there eating 6 inch macks, then match the colors....etc.
Look for tide rips out there. Fish the warm side (Temp guage) in early season..colder side later in year , for YFT.
"NEVER LEAVE FISH TO CHASE FISH". When u find 'em, turn your radio DOWN !
HINT>>>>HINT>>>>>HINT>>>> O/cast days have payed off when I used darker colored lures.

Chunking is a heck more productuve when the YFT get up here and settle in for the season. They will stay with the bait schools as long the weather stays the same. Bait schools tend to hang around bottom structure(horizontal structure) and temp changes(vertical structure).
Daytime chunking is harder (more boats trolling and making noise and pulling your YFT away from you chunk line.
YFT will see your leader better. Hook size and placement , leader size and length and construction(Fluro vs mono) , sinker weight placement and position ,drift (over or around structure) swivel type (connection of leader to mainline) etc. I'll not take up much more of your time.
HINT>>>HINT>>>HINT>>>> Get silver sparkles from your craft sture. As u chunk your bait (BEFORE U LEAVE THE DOCK...SAFETY 1ST), mix the sparkles in with your chunks. The act as fsih scales when u dump o/side and attract deeper fish that would not normally come UP to your chunk line.MMMMMMMMMMMM

To the gentelmen who wacked the hXXX out of the tuna last year on the troll . I ask that if you have a free space on your trolling trips , please consider taking me along. You have done much better than I have and I'd love to watch and learn what you do.

To the originator of this discussion,
learn from a guy(s) who know what their doing. Hire a competent guide for day. One that will show you where your sweet spot is AT different speeds. who will show you how to rig different lures. Who will show you where to place them in your spread. Who will explain how and show you why differnt lures work better at differnt speeds. Who will show you HOW TO READ the water you travel over.

Sorry for this difficult compendium on
trolling and chunking. I'm on the wrong side of 60 and I'm still learning. I'm sure there are more knowledge able people out there who can explain all the different shades of trolling or chunking.(Wow , what a big sentence that was).

Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.
Joseph B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner

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daytime chunkin

Hi all:
Out of all the different types of chunking , Daytime to me, is , was and continues to be the most difficult. I'm an "A" type person ,and I guess , it just goes against my grain. Patience was never my strong suit.
Some chunking hints. I'm sure they were covered in other places , but here goes anyhow.
Cut the hook baits tail off. that stops it spinning on strong current days.
Sow the gills closed so it doesn't flair and spin.
Check each box of butters. If the eyes are "RED" put it back ,'cause it's been thawed and RE-FROZEN. Not good.
Use sparkles as previously written.
Cut your chunks in diagonal. They twist on the way down, making your chunk line wider. It also flashes more and draws more tuna in.
Cut your chunks so u get 4-7 pieces. T'ze em , don't feed en.
Throw your chunks up wind. They spread out more.
Throw your chunks up high so they PLOP down , JUST like the dragger sounds when they SHOVEl their excess o/side.
Keep your weights painted flat back.
Keep your weights at least 12 feet from hook bait.
Their's tons more to learn , but that should start you out on the right track.
Go with a proven boat/fisherman to learn more and more tricks. I mean WORK not sit and hold a rod.
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.
Joseph .B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner

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TUNA /Marlin

Hi M.M.:
I just tried to post a reply but something went wrong. Pardon my comp. illteracy. I'll try again.

B R A V O ! ! ! ! ! !

Your catch ratio on Blues and Whites is OUTSTANDING. Keep on doing the things you do.

That kind of fishing demands dedication , and passion that I wish I could give to Marlin fishing.

I'm hoping that maybe , just maybe , if you feel up to it , to write a short article on the basics of your Marlin fishing .
NO M.M. , I'm not asking for your hard earned specifics of your fishing, just the basics. Lure speed ,placement , types in a general way.

Wasn't there a monthly publication out of N.J. , that had guest captains write short brief general articles on their specialties? Maybe the NOREAST publication would publish a small article from you. Not now M.M. , how about in January or February when where all house bound???????

Again M.M. , B R A V O ! !
My hats off to you.

Joseph B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.

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Marlin n such

Hi M.M.:

Yes , your right. A friend of mine wacked a Blue when he hit that water where they hang out. He actually had a Alby on and the Blue just came up and crushed the Alby.
I was on a private boat down South in the Big Rock area. Had some Blues up but no takers. GEEZ , M.M. , That was WILD !. Just seeing those bruisers comming up in your spread sure gets my knees knocking. I'm getting to old for that kind of excitement.
What was in the spread was two slant faced white water pushers(long rigger). Two bullet shaped straight runners (medium spaced) and two lures up tight and personal like! One of these was a medium slant faced jet on one side(no T'Zers) and across from that was a deep runner.
Again M.M.:

B R A V O O ! ! !

Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.

Joseph B. ...aka...Ancient mariner
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