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No reason not to believe MakoMike

Grady of Salt, I'm not sure where you've been fishing, but MakoMike's report sounds pretty much in line with what I and most of my connections have been experiencing year after year on the troll. In addition to several BigEyes and countless yellowfins in the 75 to 100 lb class, we all have had the bonus of both white and blue marlin on the troll while targeting tuna.

Did you ever stop to think for a moment that maybe even the people you speak with at the dock are keeping the action quiet and low key??

And what if I told you that the best chunking trip we had last year, with over FORTY hookups of both YELLOWFIN and BLUEFIN, was during the DAY less then TWENTY FIVE miles from the shore? Will you say that my story is also BS just because you and nobody you know duplicated those results????

There is more to fishing than bragging at the dock and to the entire world about a fantastic catch. Lesson #1 in fishing is that the HOTTEST SECRETS are only secrets if YOU and MOST people don't know about them. the moment the whole world knows, they aren't secrets anymore.

Instead of shooting-down MakoMike, you should have been THANKING him!! He was sharing information, TRUE information, that could've helped you and some of the readers on this board wakeup and realize that the troll bite has been truly HOT. I was actually smiling from cheek to cheek when I read the first post that stated that the troll bite was off because the first thought that came to my mind was LESS COMPETITION attempting to troll if the rumor continued to spread! But I had to break my silence when I saw how closed-minded you were acting.

P.S. MakoMike- At this point I would not give them the satisfaction of supplying your boat's name. You have nothing to prove. I know you are always honest because many times your techniques/results match mine or some of my buddies' exactly.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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