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Fishing Ethics?

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I have been over at the Captree Overlook Pier three or four times over the past month. There's a nice run of Hickory Shad going on. However I have seen a problem regarding fish limits. Boaters live-lining the shad for bass are doing quite well. The problem is they are catching and keeping their 1 bass limit. Then coming back to the pier. Where they exchang the dead bass for a live shad. So they can repeat the process. Obviously they are breaking the 1 keeper per angler law. Any comments?
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Drop a dime to the dec, you may get lucky and actually have someone respond, take the boats liscense# and post it on the internet!
Another problem is the people catching the hickory shad. In NYS there is a daily limit of five on hickory shad and american shad. Some people I have seen catching them for bait keep many more than there limit.
SURFCASTER if your seeing the same dopes doing this everyday call Rich Johnson. You can get his # from the web-site WWW.THEFISHINGLINE.COM
He took care of a similar problem with a surfcaster that was taking a few bass home everyday at Nassau Beach. If you call him and fill him in on whats going on he might be able to do something to stop whats going on.
Just this past Friday, Nov.23, 2001 I was fishing the West End II Jetty. There were a couple of guys with their wives/girlfriends catching small 19" to 23" bass on clam,bunker and 80 # test line. The problem was that they were keeping them. They were asked to throw the fish back because of the small size. Their response was that they were going to keep them for dinner. We told them what the regs were, but they didn't care. Then suddenly out of the blue came a DEC officer walking down the jetty. Next thing I see is a small bass becoming a flying fish. Flying back into the water belly up. The DEC officer saw this and took great pleasure in writing a $50.00 ticket for one of these guys. After the officer left another short bass was caught. Instead of keeping the fish I convinced this guy to let me tag and release it. When they finally left, they left behind most of their garbage. I just don't understand people these days! To top it all off, the fish they caught were picked up by their gills and not by their mouths. Even if they were released the damgae to their gill plates was enough to kill them.
Education, Education, Education, Fines, Fines, Fines is the only way we can change this problem.
Tag & Release
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Phone calls to the proper authorities have been made. Rich Johnson was on the pier with me a couple of weeks ago. However I do not believe any bass for shad exchanges happened when Rich was there.
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