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Fishin' in the Keys

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Just a quick story that may help someone in my predicament
I was tying my lines at dockside the other day when a buddy came over to chat. Trying to do two things at once is starting to become difficult for my old brain cells and as I was in a hurry I put down my key chain with about 25 keys on the gunwale.Of course Murphys law took over and kerplunk-right in the drink at high tide(about 10 feet).Well I was screwed-I had my car keys and remotes,house ,home and bank keys -gone .And my wifes car was in the shop to boot,so she couldn't run a set of keys up to me.Ok -How did I retrieve them w/o diving in?Believe it or not They were fished out with a magnet!My buddy came down with a small but powerful magnet and even though the crowd said NO WAY!-in about 45mins he got them

The point of this amusing story-Carry a strong magnet on your boat-you can retrieve keys this way as long as you know the general area where they are
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