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great1 wrote,
…I have a 10 foot v hull boat. I want to take it out on manhattan beach for fluke, blues, and stripers. Should i chum for the blues? Should i drift bunker chunks? Some tips would really help. By the way i want to buy an ancher for the boat. How much should it weigh. The boat can hold 3 people.
Hello great1

Although it is doable on dead calm conditions, I don't recommend a 10 foot boat in that area because it is much too dangerous (even with the v hull)! Also, you did not specify what you are powered with?

Before you think about it or decide to try on a calm days, I strongly ecourage you to attend a basic boating course (regardless of vessel size)!

Once you have taken the course, you will understand that safety always comes first and you will also learn the importance of boat handling (including anchoring), tide, etc… so you can maximize your boating experience!

All in all, Manhattan Beach area is excellent for fluke, blues, and stripers and during the fall, it's also a magical place for bonito and False Albies! And before I answer your questions… let me know if you are planning to take the safety course. ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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