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Fishfinders... Garmin 240 blue or Furuno 6100??

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HELP... I read up on both and they are my two finalists!! Now that I've seen GoodnightMoons post I'm leaning a bit more toward the Furuno,but the Garmin is quite a bit cheaper and rates very highly also... I'm confused ... any help?? anyone use either unit??? .... Help!! .... bob
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GoodnightMoon..... Well I love to fish and have owned several fishfinders... I have a tough time with ANY of them... the cheapies are worthless,so I decided to get a GOOD mid range unit... The Furuno sounds interesting,but I am REALLY afraid it may be a bit complex... I think the "user friendly" Garmin MAY be the best choice.... space is at a premium on my 17 1/2 ft AquasportCC... trying them is not an option... I live 5 hrs west of the Island in the Finger Lakes.... not much here in the way of marine electronics. ...I'll have to buy it off the 'net...I'll post when I get it and install it... bob
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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