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Fished star island.

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We got a total of 70 blue sharks released over the two days we fished the tourney, and saw a huge great white on day 1. The white came from the port side of the boat and cruised through the slick on top huge dorsal fin. Fish was close to 20 feet long, absolutely amazing to see.
Not one dogfish the entire time. Just tons and tons of blue sharks, we did not see one blue fish offshore either.

Water temp in the morning was 63 up to 66.2 in the afternoon. The further South west you went the warmer the water was, blue/ greenish water most of the time.

The tiger shark was DQ because it was 2 minutes late to the scale, it also had a huge 2 foot wide hole right under its bottom jaw:confused: Man if i was those guys i would have been so pissed off.

Only sort of clear pic of the great white this guy was on the move.


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