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fish carcasses

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Hey guys,

Am I wrong to be annoyed with people for leaving their cleaned fish carcasses at the boat ramp. I returned today to see three carcasses washed up right on the ramps. I think of this, as the same as littering. It's disgusting.

I know that the other fish, birds and cats will eat them. BUT in the summer they stink and no matter what someone else has to pick them up eventually because the animals can't eat everything.

Take them home and throw them out, or at least pop the bladders and throw them out in the channel into the channel where they can sink into the bottom and rot. This is just a pet peeve of mine, let me know if I'm alone.
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It is annoying, especially when people just scatter them everywhere with no regards for anything.

In FL where my grandfather lives, everyone in their neighborhood lives on a canal that goes to the Gulf, on all their pilons(sp?) they hang their dead carcasses for which reason I can't figure out... They do this in the middle of the summer and some of those fish can get down right nasty smelling, but everyone does it.....
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