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fish box???

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i am looking to purchase a fish box for the ****pit, looking into what i believe is called an "exacto box" (spelling???). it is sort of a big fish box. i have usually seen them setup in the middle of the ****pit with a cutting board mounted on top. seems to make a nice box for fish and storage and with the cutting board on top, also serve as a sort of fishing work station, right in the middle of the ****pit. anyone know where to purchase such a box???
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Hamilton marine has these types of fish boxes/totes etc. They will ship them but I imagine its very expensive.

Let me know if any of these are similar to what your looking for.
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Fish Box?

What for you will not be able to keep anything to put in it in 2008
Guess you can use it to keep your beer/soda cold
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Sounds like what you want is either a Bomar box or a Xactic Box. They are usually available at commercial fishing supply places.
I bought mine at gearworks in Riverhead for $300. It is very utilitarian. Holds about 300 pounds of fish and ice, cutting board and tackle box on top, hand rails on the sides and rod holders in front.


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