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Can I ask a stupid question? Why are
fishermen keeping juvenile mako sharks?
I hear of guys landing fish of 100lbs.
or less and wonder to myself...WHY?
One day when the mako is a memory, these
same people will be complaining the loudest that "we never see mako's anymore". After an exciting battle with
your next mako, take a picture and release the fish. We will all be better
off in the future...

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You make an excellent point. Most guys
out in those big sport fishing rigs
have big pockets as well and could care less about the expense of a day offshore
fishing. However think of it this way.
Those same guys that have those big rigs will be able to chase the makos
regardless of where they are because they have the resources and the range
to do so. Us little guys depend more on the smaller mako that may come wandering inshore a bit to provide us with some "shark action." The last two
mako's I have seen were in the Mud Buoy
area! We were bluefishing and got lucky. Because these fish are abundant these days we can expect that to continue. If everyone decides to take
mako's for the table, eventually we will see less and less of them inshore. Let's not be greedy. We have plenty of
tasty fish to eat already. Flounder,
fluke, sea bass, tog, weakfish, etc. Think beyond what will be on your plate tonight. What will your children and grandchildren put on their plates are what we should be concerned about.

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You obviously did not read my statement
thoroughly (posted 6/6/). I did not
argue that big makos are not found inshore. I also did not argue that big
rigs do not overrun fish. I never argued
that bluefish are only a hassle to shark
fishermen. My main point was that killing smaller makos (under 100 lbs.)
that have not matured spells doom for our future stock of these fish. There
is NO argument that can make that go
away! Sorry, DUDE!
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