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First Mako!!!

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Just read on another site of the first Mako of the season taken offshore of New Jersy.It wasn't big (100lbs) but was taken on a small 3 lb bluefish on the surface.He said water temps were cold(56 degrees)
It won't be long now!!!!
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For what its worth. The first mako usually hits the dock in Montauk the first or second week in June. I've done it for 4 out of the last ten years.
first mako

Mako Mike,
I know June is the time they start,depending on water temps and bait but this guy took this one a few days ago,almost a full month early.
Everythings early & how 'bout this?

I was considering starting a thread about this but anyway- this season could prove to be one with the most SOUTHEREN species caught then any other with the RECORD mild winter. Should be interesting to say the least.
It sure is early, but I don't really know when they start catching them in NJ. Maybe it was a late staying porbeagle? :)
Scalawag- The water temps are back to normal

If you check your logs you might be surprised to see that the water temps are right back to within normal range. April was unseasonably warm, but So far May has been the opposite with much cooler temps than normal.
Water is COLD!! Caught Ling in 40' off the South Shore of LI this past weekend.
A lot of bait showed up a month early this year, do you guys think that could help with an early season. Eating take precedence over water temp?
My first mako yesterday!!!!!!!!!

I had my first mako yesterday 45 miles south of Moriches. Water temps are around normal. Lost the fish boatside. Took him on a mackeral.

Any size to that lost mako?
Any signs of life out there and what was water temp?
thanks capt.
makos south

im going tues from atlantic city.time is right

Sounds like you have an awful itch, you better go scratch it. Will be moving my rods to the summer place this weekend. But I won't push it, will probably wait to mid June!

Good Luck!
Memorial Weekend Mako !

2 years ago , we went out for a practice shark trip on Memorial weekend and we caught a whole bunch of Blue Sharks ! and we hooked into about a 400 lb Mako and the Mako went under the boat cutting off the line ! we were fishing around the 30 Fathom area in 56'-58' water !! The best time for BIG MAKOS the 1st 2 weeks of June then the smaller ones come in the middle of June and in greater numbers too !
Happy Mako Hunting !!
30 fathoms is 180', check out your depthfinder, sounds broken
Relax Grady
He obviously means degrees not feet.
Tight lines, Jim
yes !! 30 Fathom area ! fishing in 185 feet of water !!
Sea temps

Guys remeber surface temps are not always the way to think. I have caught sharks in 52deg. temps and sent a temp probe down to the bottom and found the temps to be 61 degs. So Don't always go by temps. I personal belive in bait as the key for sharks. All my makos have come after a blue fish attack on the baits.Then you get no action and bam mr. mako is there attacking the baits.
The currents not tide effect the temps futher offshore. That is why you can find pockets of fish in the spin offs of the gulf stream inshore this time of yr. I had a 454 mako right around the 3rd rock piles in 2nd week of june. I feel these fish follow the bait rather then just the temps? I my be wrong but The bigger makos like colder water that is why the first shot of makos in the cold waters usually are bigger . This is my opinion based on my experinces with shark fishing. I don't cliam to know everything just opening a new door to other fatcs. Hope everyone in the hudsons angler tourney lucktight lines catcth them up Capt Mike.
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Can I ask a stupid question? Why are
fishermen keeping juvenile mako sharks?
I hear of guys landing fish of 100lbs.
or less and wonder to myself...WHY?
One day when the mako is a memory, these
same people will be complaining the loudest that "we never see mako's anymore". After an exciting battle with
your next mako, take a picture and release the fish. We will all be better
off in the future...
and while you're releasing it, put a tag in it report the info to the appropriate agency.

You both are certainly RIGHT but, If you fish with a bunch of guys and you have a small boat and can't get out as often as you want, and they help to pay for fuel and bait it's nice if they could take a few mako steaks home for dinner! They deserve it! I have to suppress my concern when a Capt. on a 40' Hatteras nails me for taking some school tuna from my 23' boat when his corporation is footing his bill for the boat, gas and bail. It's almost like taking a kid fishing, but an adult group! Not everyone has a big boat and big budget (which consumers pay for) to go out every weekend and fish. Some are not as fortunate and/or can't fish that often!
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