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I rcvd an email concerning epoxy that won't dry and unfortunately I caused the loss of the address. I hope the gentleman sees this post.

When epoxy doesn't dry, it stays tacky, there are usually 2 reasons why.

1- The epoxy is not measured in equal parts. I use metal measuring spoons whem I pour Parts A & B. Then I mix the epoxy for 2 minutes.

2- The epoxy is old. Some say epoxy has a shelf life and others say that is not true. Not being a chemist, I can't answer that. I never use epoxy that is around a year old.

The solution is simple. Mix a new batch of epoxy, making sure the epoxy is fresh and mixed in equal parts accurately.

Epoxy finish should be dry to the touch in 24 hours and totally cured(inside) in about 5 days.

Capt Neil

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