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finding a good conventional reel without a levelwind...

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i have been looking over lots of reels like the newell 229 3to1. penn squider, mag 525?? are there any good ones that you could suggest using other then these. It would help if i told you what pole i would be using it with,my lamiglas chunck stick 4to12oz. lami-sb1215m. please respond if you have an in mind..asap
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Hey cat, check out some of the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reels, 6500c3ct mag, 6500CT Blue yonder, 6000C, and ultra mag xl3, 7500c3,7000 &7000c3ct
Did you check out the Newell model P220?
Tight lines
thanks a lot skipjack but for now i wlll borrow my two friends reels an try them out to see if their what i am looking for to put with my lamiglas rod! i appreciate your kindness to helping another fishermen like me, so what's up for your fishing game...pole/reels/hooks.etc.
It would be helpful if you could provide more information on the type if fishing you are planning to do. The Abus are great casting reels but the smaller ones (6500) don't have great drags. If you need something heavier (drag wise) you might also want to consider the Penn GS 525, GS 535, and the Mag 525; or the Daiwa's SLH20 and SLH30s. Tightlines Duckwump
I have heard recommendations for the 975CS, 525 Tmag, 535GS, and Newell 229. Does anyone have any experiences with Diawa Grand Wave Z?

I can get a good price on a 525Tmag/St. Croix combo, but I looked at the reel and it seems kind of crude. I guess is just the graphite body though. Does anyone really like or dislike this reel?


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I have used a 7000 c3 for over ten years
i modified it by removing the level wind
a simple reel with a good drag
yes i do like the 7000c3 but without the levelwind on it,so you say you took the levelwind off of yours? ha rockjock is it still balanced so when you cast, the line come striaght off without a problem? if i got something like the 7000c3 how much work did it take you to take it apart an put back together? please respond!
The reel that I love and recommed to anyone is the 525 Mag and the abu 6500 C3CT. These reels are great. You can cast real far and dont get many birds nest if you configure the reel correctly. I use the penn 525 mag on a 9ft breakaway rod and it cast very well. The good thing about that 525 mag is the magents on it that help prevent those birds nest. The gears and the drag on the 525 mag are real nice and can handle anything in the sound. The abu garcia is also a very good real and cast cast very well but the only thing is that the drag is small but if you know how to use the reel you can bring in any fish.
Thanks for the report on the 525. I like the magnet feature also. I have it on some freshwater reels and I know it works well.
I took the level wind off by taking the reel apart
then removing the "bridge" for it and the guide it just pulls out the side i then took a piece of 5/16" stainless steel round stock and copied the dimensions of the "bridge" i don't have it in front of me but i believe it had two flats on one side and i tapped
the other side for a screw. then just put it back together. as far as the line coming off striaght, htat comes from practice with your "educated" thumb. you lay the line on the reel during the retrieve. i have done this also to, two 7000 i have, plus i replaced the bushings in these reels with bearings. any guestions just ask.


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cat---if you don't already have a 7000c3, Abu sells "CT" (no level wind) versions of that reel overseas. They also used to sell a Big Game version here with a little faster retrieve. They were discontinued for the 2001 model year, but some shops may still have a few in their stocks. Ask around, doesn't hurt.

You also might be able to order a CT frame directly from Abu's parent company, Pure Fishing. Same place as Berkley.

If you can get a spare frame---it takes less than 5 minutes to swap.
thanks for the fast respond an for the info. about taking the reel apart, so you say it's worth tearing the reel apart just to have something special? i trust what you say because you have been using these reels for a long time. thanks alot.
ha mike what is it that you very much don't know? lol i am just saying that your all over the net with helpful answers. that's all good news for every body. carry on mikep / cat14361

I have the Diawa 20SHV with the enhanced free spool technology.

I looked at the Grand Wave and didn't see anything that would justify the extra price. It's a little flashier looking and it has some additional bearings but I don't think it is going to cast any better than the SHV (they both use the same free spool system) and SHV is already smooth as silk when reeling something in. The extra 60 bucks for the Grand Wave wasn't worth it.

I would have bought it in a heart beat if they had moved the gearbox forward and out of the way of my hand, though.

Thank you Duckwump,

I appreciate your input on the two models. I am glad I am in no rush to buy, because I have a lot of options to consider and reels to check out at the upcoming shows. Thanks again.

cat---among other things:

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And a million other things like that ;)

As far as fishing goes:

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And maybe a few hundred other things
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ha mike keep up the good writting an maybe one day you can become a poet of some kind until now stick with your day job and sportsmen ship of fishing. ha mike i ask many questions just to see if you have the answers. yes most of the time you do. i had a good day at magnolia pier today with those herring. there is a place where twenty of us is never a crowd,at magnolia pier.
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