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Fin-nor ofs16

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Fished the reel a couple of times for cod and so far am happy. Seems like I get more drag on it than my saltist 30 and 50 (upgraded with carbontex and bearing ?) Seems just as smooth to me. The thing that impresses me most is that so far it doesen 't take in and retain water like my saltists'. I have been breaking the saltists down every 2-3 times out and I find water inside and no I don 't dip them in the ocean ! The bearings in my 50 went when the reel was less than 6 mos. old and was told by an authorized service center it was my fault as I rinse the reel with fresh water after use. (didn 't honor the warranty). I beleive its a design flaw in the reel to let salt spray into the reel in the first place. I like the reels but will probably never buy another one due to the maint. involved . Made a similar post about this problem quite a while ago and everything I 've read about them has been positive. Mr. Kilsong reccomends them ! I suggest pers. out there that own them take them apart after a few uses and check for water.
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FishWisher wrote:
Thanks for posting. Would you mind scaling the max drag on the OFS and sharing your findings?

Yeah, the Saltists seem to have an issue with SW penetration, it's mostly coming in through the eccentric lever fitting. Have to open them up once in a while. A thick coat of grease in that area defenitely helps. The stock bearings on the Saltists and older Toriums, for that matter, are basically crap, and should be replaced with ABEC5's from, or ceramics from Boca, if you're feeling ambitious.

Thanks for the confirmation on the water problem. I realized it was a problem 6mos. after I purchased the 50 and the bearings went. Reel is now about 2 yrs. old . Tried to tell it like it was and everybody continued to praise it. Don 't like having to perform maint. and do upgrades that should have been done before the reel was manufactured ! Try to take-down my reels once a season (with reasonable usage ) and feel if it has to be done more often they have manufactured crap. Kind of blunt but my opinion. When I get some time will try and get a little more technical with the fin-nor #s drag. All I 've done to this point is crank both my saltist 50 and ofs16 drags to max. with both spools full and the ofs16s line seems to come off harder than the saltist 50. Amazing nobody has found out the ofs16s drag capability from fin-nor !
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