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Fished the reel a couple of times for cod and so far am happy. Seems like I get more drag on it than my saltist 30 and 50 (upgraded with carbontex and bearing ?) Seems just as smooth to me. The thing that impresses me most is that so far it doesen 't take in and retain water like my saltists'. I have been breaking the saltists down every 2-3 times out and I find water inside and no I don 't dip them in the ocean ! The bearings in my 50 went when the reel was less than 6 mos. old and was told by an authorized service center it was my fault as I rinse the reel with fresh water after use. (didn 't honor the warranty). I beleive its a design flaw in the reel to let salt spray into the reel in the first place. I like the reels but will probably never buy another one due to the maint. involved . Made a similar post about this problem quite a while ago and everything I 've read about them has been positive. Mr. Kilsong reccomends them ! I suggest pers. out there that own them take them apart after a few uses and check for water.
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Found the same water issue when I took my apart my Saltist 30 recently to replace the cheapo bushing with a set of bearings I purchased from Boca.

Luckily, I found no corrosion issues with the internals and the stock bearings seemed ok from what I could see/feel. I just regreased and reassembled the reel.

Does anyone know the ABEC SS or ceramic model #'s or size od's to replace the bearings as it sounds like it may be required mait in the future.

Not ready to give up my Saltist 30 or 40 as I have really liked their performace for the past couple of seasons (once I added the Carbontex drags, after an cold late-Dec drag failure on a HH Wreck Trip).


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