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Fighting post

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Have caught tunato 800 # in a 20 foot boat.Useining hand lines and from a chair. setting up a 19 foot mako with a fighting post.What size rod is best for a quick kill? I have a 12/0 with 130 with 200 mono topshot. A 80 international with the same .Will a /130 or unlimted rod work better? Anyone have thoughts on the big Everols reels Thanks
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sorry for offtopic.
Yuna to 800 lb. in a 19, off long island??
Capt. alan
Have seen one over 1000# midcast maine
The Big Everol's have the best drag system. Their are acually 3 drag surfaces,sandwitched between S.S.plates. they are on the crank side of the spool and ride on a roller bearing. They are also aircooled.You can hurt yourself with the amount of drag these reels will generate.The drag material is the same stuff Ferrari uses as brake pads.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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