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Federal waters for stripers?

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Looking for some info on a possible opening of the EEZ to striper fishing this season. Does anyone have some insight into that?

I would love it and I know some may feel otherwise, be jeez, I would rather ride another 45 minutes to fish alone in some great spots than to fight over a productive edge. Plus, I hate feeling like just because I want to fish a rip that is out of bounds, I am taking a chance on being boarded and fined when all I want to do is fish some really great waters.

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I agree with you. Lots of the really great spots between Montauk and Block, like the sub bouy, are in federal waters and you're not even supposed to have a striper in possession there. That, combined with the vigorus enforcement of the EEZ line in N.C. this past winter have me extremely worried about what will happen this year around here. The commercilas are going to get their quota anyway, if NMFS opens the EEZ for stipers with gear restrictions, it would be one of the best things that could happen for all of us.
Its O.K. to fish federal waters for everything but stipers. If they're fishing for sea bass or porgies they fine, if they have a striper on board they can be fined.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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