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Howard Beach: Capt. Mike (Partyboat), Karen Ann (Haven't fished yet but willing to try the best, especially since Eddie joined)

Captree: Captree Princess (Great Skip and Crew- Gorgeous Boat)

Point Lookout: Superhawk (Fine Vessel and Crew)

Northshore: James Joseph (Fine Vessel and Crew)

Northfork: Peconic Star (Partyboat), Brooklyn Girl (Not Yet but Booked a Trip in Oct)

Riverhead: Zephyr (Hopefuly next weekend Larry)

Montauk: Viking Fleet

Freeport: Codfather II (Has been a while since I joined my Boss Sam R. There, but always slayed them)

Capt. Lou Fleet, its been a while, I got to check them out again! Seabass trip..Yum Yum

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Soooo many to list!

Great thread! Can we name boats in other states as well? Well, here goes, think I'll stick to NY, for now

SHB: Marylin Jean ( the six pack, haven't tried the big boat, yet).Fished the Helen H a lot in my youth, and still get up to her occasionally ( not nearly enough!).

Howard Beach: Agree, Capt.Mike is a great boat, my source for flounder fillets the last few yrs, since the Elsie K went out of business.

Pt.Lookout: Capt.Al
! If I had to narrow it down to my favorite 3 boats, period, the Green Submarine would definately be one of them! This is the boat I cut my teeth ocean fishing on, caught my first cod, blue, tog, seabass, porgy, and God knows what else with Al. I believe the boat is over 40 yrs old, I hope Tommy keeps her ticking for another 40!

Freeport: The few times I've fished the Capt.Lou I enjoyed myself,
but I haven't fished here enough since the Starstream left to say with certainty.

Captree: Many outstanding operations at this port, I think many of us serious anglers underrate Captree. If I have to name a few that are still in business, they would be- Tradewinds II, and not because Capt.Paul is the moderator of this forum
. There are few boats that are as dedicated to finding fish and providing professional service as the Tradewinds. Island Princess- a boat ( the original, small one) I spent many a day on as a kid. Although I don't do much half day fishing anymore, if I were to take my mom, or girlfriend out, I couldn't think of a better atmosphere than the one that Capt.Nick and his pleasant wife provide!

Shinne****: Well, who else? The Shinne**** Star! I "found" this boat about 2 yrs ago, and boy am I glad I did! I cannot say enough positive things about Capt.John, his gracious wife Dottie, and Deena! If only I started fishing her when Capt.Neil still ran her! Regardless, the Star has quickly shot right up there as one of my favorites

Montauk: I'm going to miss the Sea Otter, the few times I fished this boat, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. But, thankfully the Viking Fleet is as alive as ever! Who else but this operation puts together the types of trips that they do? It is a great thing indeed to see a new generation running trips, now, I take that as a sign that there is no stopping a Viking!

Huntington: I fish both boats in this port, and like both equally well. I sometimes am amazed at the quality of the fishing in this part of LIS, so close to my home. Hope to see Capt.Pete and the Noli back in action soon!

City Island: Fished here, on the Island Current, for the first time on a charter set up on this site in April. What a class operation
. This boat will most definately be seeing more of me, I can't wait to try one of those 50/50 blackfish trips this fall!

Whew, that was a lot of typing, lol! But, great idea for a thread, Blazetoy
. I am also interested in seeing other member's choices.

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Out of state partyboats

Thought I'd add a few of the boats I like in other ( for us NYers) states:

Brielle, NJ - Big Jamaica

Pt.Judith, RI - Francis Fleet

Hyannis, MA - Helen H

Gloucester, MA - Yankee Fleet and Yankee Capts.

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For the most part:

Which ever one I am on. I truly can't say I have a favorite. I tend to fish on boats where I know the capt., this gives me someone to talk to (or bother, right Paul?) on the ride out and ride home. As far as boats that I feel run a good operation, I have a few:

Montauk: Lazybones, Breakaway
Orient: Primetime III
Port Jeff: Osprey and Celtic Quest
Captree: Tradewinds and Fish Finder
Sheepshead Bay: MJ II
Point Lookout: Capt. Al

These are simply the boats I fish on. I can't vouch for any others, as I havem't fished with them.

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