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False Albacore

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I was told recently that a productive method to catch falsies without chasing the schools is to anchor and chum off of Mantauk. Has anyone ever tried this method and is it more likely for a hook-up than while trolling? I have only caught them while shasing the schools and burning the expensive gas. Anchoring would be much less costly on gas. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
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I've never tries it, but i would guess that you would get inundated by bluefish.
Ya, that was my main worry. The blues would tear up the light mono leaders and would probably scare the albies away. It would probably be like chunking for tuna and having the sharks show up.
on the west end we chum with spearing. every now and then blues move in so we stop the chum 'til they leave and start over. you need 4 gallons of spearing to do it right. throw a watery bunker mix also. bait with spearing or toss tins
When we chum for Bonitos off of Block Island we keep the baits in the slick very close to the transom, just at the edge of our sight.
Usually the bonitos will come in & take baits really close to the boat whereas the bluefish hang back a ways, we call that far area "The Gator Zone"... try it & see!
Thanks, I am going to give it a try this summer. The responses were just what i was after.

I was also going to say to chum spearing. Blues will be less of hassle, but cost can be prob unless you seine yourself. bunker chum may bring other species, as well.

Bait with spearing, butterfish chunks.... or killi fish. SMALL HOOKS and don't overdo it on the line.
swivel with fluoro leader optimal.

Have a rod with small diamond jig, no tail ready. Drop into slick and speed retrieve.
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