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Has anyone else seen the coming attractions? It looks good, although their accents might make it challenging to watch. From the website:

Everyday, fishermen from Peterhead in Northeast Scotland leave the harbor on a long, treacherous journey into some of the roughest seas in the world. Together, these trawlermen risk all in the North Sea to bring home their catch and put fish on our table, and do one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain. Prawn boat, Amity, is in the grip of a winter storm, 100 miles from shore. To make matters worse, the nets are caught on the seabed, and Amity is stuck fast and in danger of sinking. Skipper Jimmy Buchan and his crew are battling to save the boat--and themselves. Elsewhere, another prawn trawler, and competitor, is filling their nets. Skippered by the young and ambitious James West, Fruitful Bough is one of the most successful prawn boats in Peterhead. If Amity can free herself from the ocean floor she'll have to fight Fruitful Bough, for the prawns at the aptly-named Devil's Hole.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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