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Engine Exhaust

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This is something I hate to think about....trying to play it off like nothings wrong. I hope not!

When I start my motor (93 Evinrude Ocean Pro) it smokes a little, then as it idles, the water starts pissing, and the exhaust is fine. I let it idle to warm up for a few minutes, making sure the water pressure is good before putting into gear. When I put it into gear (bump it forward) the engine will tend to stall. Upon restarting, I get a larger burst of exhaust and it may stall out a few times. However, after driving the boat throughout a day, the smoking / stalling doesn't happen.

Could this have something to do with compression, and when it heats up, the rings / pistons expand a little?

Or is this something that just happens as the left over oil may sit (which I don't understand as it only gives the big cloud when putting in gear) in the block?:):):):):):)PLEASE:):):):)

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Yea...I had the motor tuned, soup to nuts in the beginning of the season. My guess is that some oil pools, and only gets burnt when the extra pressure (compression) which occurs when it gets put into gear. It runs like a top other than the first time I put it in gear.
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