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Engine Exhaust

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This is something I hate to think about....trying to play it off like nothings wrong. I hope not!

When I start my motor (93 Evinrude Ocean Pro) it smokes a little, then as it idles, the water starts pissing, and the exhaust is fine. I let it idle to warm up for a few minutes, making sure the water pressure is good before putting into gear. When I put it into gear (bump it forward) the engine will tend to stall. Upon restarting, I get a larger burst of exhaust and it may stall out a few times. However, after driving the boat throughout a day, the smoking / stalling doesn't happen.

Could this have something to do with compression, and when it heats up, the rings / pistons expand a little?

Or is this something that just happens as the left over oil may sit (which I don't understand as it only gives the big cloud when putting in gear) in the block?:):):):):):)PLEASE:):):):)

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my motor does the same thing, though mine is a bit older so I don't think anything of it. I just assume that the motor is not coming up to a good running temp until after you run at a decent rpm. If this is a new development then you may want to check out plugs, fuel filter and other tune up items if you have not already.
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