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Maybe there is already a topic on this, If there is maybe someone can point me in the direction.

It looks like the boat is almost in my yard :) -- Has anyone had any dealings with a Raytheon Ray 45 vhf radio or the Raytheon L365 transom mounted fishfinder?

This is a package that I'm getting with the boat and I wanted to see if it is worth it or not.

I'm pretty much a first time boater and will be doing more inshore fishing then offshore fishing (for now anyway). Any and all comments and sugestions are appreciated !!

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They are ok and will help you out in the GSB. They are low end products for new comers to boating, just make sure you have the manuals with them other wise you might be a little lost when setting alarms and other items. Ask the owner to demo them for you.;)

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