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Electric Bikes

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I was wondering what the general opnion was regarding electric bikes here I know that they are illegal in New York State according to DMV and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on them or expierience

From what I here you can go forty miles on a charge that takes about four hours they do have pedals as well incase the battery runs down

for a guy like me who only has to go a mile to work it would work out really well cause when I come home its all up hill

I just figured i,d put it out there
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Electric bicycle or electric motorcycle....:confused::confused::confused:

Why bother, you may as well just buy a razor scooter or inline skates.........
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Learning2Tog wrote:
These bikes are all over lower Manhattan--mostly Chinese food delivery.

At it again huh?.....:rolleyes:.......shouldn't you be out shopping for Moe or packin for the desert instead of bumping old threads...........:rolleyes:

Had me thinkin Mess was back....

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