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Electric baseboard heat

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My basement has both water heated baseboard heat and an old 220 built in fan forced electric heater.The fan forced one I disconnected years ago because it sucks down electricity at a rediculous rate

I need to add more heat to the basement...mostly on those sub freezing nights.My problem: getting the waterline & return to the other side will require alot of work that I just don't have time/energy for.
But if I used electric for that end of the basement the panel/breaker is already right there. question is are the baseboard electrics still WAYYYY expensive to run?It would be about a 12' run...
In other words I know zip about electric baseboard heating :)
Pros/Cons would be appreciated

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is the framing of the basement right up against the walls ? what type of ceiling drop or sheet rock ? if you have space behind the walls or a drop ceiling you can use pex tubing its flexiable plastic tubing used to feed the HW baseboard instead of copper pipe you could snake it there very easily
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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