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Eldridge book

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So I picked up the Eldridge Tide and Pilot book for 2008. I have no idea how to interpret or decipher the info contained within for the Fire Island area. If someone can give me a couple of pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

(pg. 16) Moriches inlet and Demo Pt. What are the "H.M." numbers?

(pg. 26) Time difference based on The Narrows (pg. 116-121) . How do I apply this information to the F.I. areas that I fish? Maybe it's me, but I have no idea. A few guys have mentioned the book at some of the seminars so it must be usefull, maybe someone could help me out. Thanks guys.
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i was hoping somone would answer,because i have know clue how to us it:confused:i'll just stick with this for now tides

i'll add this the further away from the inlet the more time you need to add.maybe try the boat guys as it would be more usefull to them.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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