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Eldridge book

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So I picked up the Eldridge Tide and Pilot book for 2008. I have no idea how to interpret or decipher the info contained within for the Fire Island area. If someone can give me a couple of pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

(pg. 16) Moriches inlet and Demo Pt. What are the "H.M." numbers?

(pg. 26) Time difference based on The Narrows (pg. 116-121) . How do I apply this information to the F.I. areas that I fish? Maybe it's me, but I have no idea. A few guys have mentioned the book at some of the seminars so it must be usefull, maybe someone could help me out. Thanks guys.
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It is. I don't use that tool. I fish when I can. I use the simple tide charts on the site here. I try to target a moon, tide, sunrise, sunset, etc. but I have the opportunity and those things aren't in my favor, I still go. Same thing with wind, although this will be the first season I pay attention to that.
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