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The best way to hook

Well there are to ways you want to hook an eel. First is the fish finder rig which can be made 2 ways. One is using a plastic sliding device which holds your sinker and allows the main line to flow freely and keeps the bait to the bottom. The other way is to use 2 small swivels and put one on the main line through one and then tie another on to the main line. Then you tie a 3ft. leader and attach hook. Then you take around a 6? piece of mono 10LBS. and tie a perfection loop which goes around the sinker and the other end to the swivel that moves up and down the main line. The other way is a 3X3 rig which is a leader tied to your main line 3ft. above your sinker. Depending on water depth current and other conditions the choice is yours. I prefer to use the 3X3 when on the drift and the fish finder when anchored up. As far as hook placement of the eel make sure you hook it through only the upper or lower jaw not both! This will let the eel live longer by not drowning it. I prefer to go in the roof of the mouth in the center and come out a eye. This has proven to be the best method for my self. Hope this helps? Oh is the question mark ok here? LOL.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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