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Hey Crazy,

In the fall, what % of the time, roughly, would you say you are eeling, chunking, and plugging/ jigging. "M" excluded.

I'll be in your area tonight, maybe see ya out there.


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Hello RichS,

That's a very good question! For me, it all depends on the conditions and season…

Let me explain further… During the FALL SEASON, if there are lots of bunker in the beach vicinity, I will use fresh chunks…

If I am working a rocky or sticky, structured area, I will use eels….

If I am out there looking for fast action… I will just use plugs and jigs.

As far as giving you a rough % estimate… (Fall season) I have to say 70% plugging, 25% eeling and 5% chunking.

In the other hand… If I am strictly seeking the true "Large"… I would be spending 60% eeling, 30% Chunking and 10% Plugging/Jigging (at very specific locations). ;)

Just wondering…. How many of you change tactics for the elusive large? Come on now… Give it up. ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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