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My research indicates that drifting eels should "NOT" be done when the current is strong. don't want to be too dogmatic about current speed when it comes to fishing w/ live eels. For example, I fish in and around Woods Hole, the channel that connects Buzzards bay and Vineyard Sound. When the tide runs through there it's common to find that you're dealing with 5 and 6 knot currents...but look around and you'll see a number of locals (although some might characterize them as crazies) working the rock ledges, currents-be-dammed...some mighty big stripers come out of there on summer nights when Mr. Wiggly zips through their haunts on a good drift. Don't forget, stripers are predators...their reflexes are sharp & they can move fast when they want to. The trick is to learn how to get (and keep) the eel down deep in a fast moving current & that comes with experience. Trial & error, as they say. Make sure your research includes a lot of time spent trying out stuff...even the stuff "they" say can't be done. ;):)

Jerry Vovcsko,
East Bridgewater, Ma

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