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Eel/Jig Striper Rod

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I'm looking to move up from the $55 Penn combos that I've used for striper the last two years. What's a good mid range combo ($200 or less) for drifting eels and jigging (6-12 oz). Thanks.
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I may go with the 320GTI. That would give me about 250 yds of 30. What rod would match up well with this reel? Thanks.
mako 211

That is a big spread in jigs, 6-12 oz. Which size do you use most?

Will you be using mono or synthetic line? What pound test?

Where will you be fishing? Will it be on a party/chater boat or personal boat? How hi above the water will you be standing? These questions are to determine how long a rod you will need.

Do you like fiberglass, graphite or composite rods? Composite being a combination of graphite and fiberglas which adds up to sensitivity and flexibility. Best for synthetic lines.

Help me out with answers and we will come up with suggestions. Also I'm sure other fishermen will chime in with their favorite models.

Capt Neil
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I fish out of my own boat in Montauk. I usually use 8 oz jigs and 8-12 oz with a live eel. I've been using 20lb mono, but I plan on spooling with 30lb mono this year. I like graphite, but I really beat up my rods so I should probably stick with fiberglass.
I'm not all that familiar with factory rods, but take a look at some Seekers. They may cost a bit more than you're willing to spend, but they are pretty good rods.

If youre building your own, you can get a Lami CGBT841M. It is a compostie glass/graphite rod, will handle any sinker - this includes 24oz. in a pinch, but is reletively light. This rod will double as a deep water wrechk rod for Blackfish as well, and probably could be used for deep water Cod.
Mako 221


The rod Billy 40 is referring to is the "MEAT STICK".

It is a great blank to build on as it is very sensitive.

I have one as a demo rod for customers to test. You are welcome to try it out.

Just contact me. (631) 567-8049.

In fairness I do have to say that I sell them for approx $375.

Capt Neil
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Lami makes great rods, but that's out of my range. With a Penn GTI at $80, my range would be 80-120. Thanks.

Check out Seeker, Diawa, Lamiglas, Star rods and Shakespeare and you will fin sticks capable of performing well for your use.

Take your reel with you and place it on the rods you like to get a good feel of the combination.

Seeker has many options that I like.

The offer to test any of my demo rods is always there.

Have fun with your new rod and reel.

Capt Neil
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Hey Mako,

I use an Ugly Stick Model # BWB 1140, Action MH with 20-50 lb line. It's a good stick for the buck (in your price range), and has the potential for blackfish. It's a perfect match for my 310 GTI. It feels real nice in the hands also!

Good Luck!
Mako, I have a Penn 321GTI on an Ugly Stick Tiger Rod model 2202 and have no complaints. I find it great for blues and stripers.
Hey Mako,
Are you ruling out Penn rods? I have a 330Gti on a penn senator rod. It's an awsome trolling / live bait set up. I found to have the GTi reels at the best price and they ship fast. The rod I think I got at a sporting goods store like Sports authority or something? The set up is nice! I like the penn slammer and the mariner as well they are cheap and a little lighter action though

Hey Mako,

My suggestion would be St. Croix. They are some of the nicest rods I have ever used and are more reasonably priced then some of the other great rods, eg: Star, seeker, g loomis, lamiglass. This coupled with a penn international 975, cannot be beat.

Good luck,

for all the advice. I need to hit the tackle shop and hold and flex a few this weekend.
Best Prices and selection

Try J&H in Bohemia. I rigged up a penn 975 with a med to heavy shakespere ugly stick. The reel was 189 and the pole was about 55. It is the best setup I ever had. You can use 20-30 line depending on what you want to do.Fast retrieve a smooth as a baby's butt. They have a large selection also for anything you want for tackle. Worth the trip.

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