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Your latest article was great. Would like for you to P M me so I could ask a few questions
Thanks in advance
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Hello Bryan...

You and any others can contact me at the G-MAIL account I have posted, which would be [email protected]

I just want to point out something to those who have already read the articles that have been posted, and that is for those who cast at night from the piers or small boats.

We have noticed that over the last 3 years, there has been a noticeable amount of small bluefish that love to hang out in the same areas where the bass are located along the docks and pier lines.

It can be very frustrating casting numerous rubber lures and losing the rubber tail and the head. Some fishermen try to use heavier heads to get under the bluefish, but most times the blues will pick the lead head up usually resulting in the fish taking the lure.

What some guys have learned to do, is look at areas where there is dock lighting, and look into the water. Since the river water has cleared up since the spring period, you can see down a couple of feet, and you can see the bass sitting along the edge where the light meets the dark. When they see the black shadow, they will cast to that area, and it has increased the amount of small bass taken.

If you do this fishing often at this time of the year, you will see fish breaking on bait at night. It is exciting and you immediately will start making casts into those splashes. Again as I have stated above, this is usually small bluefish chasing bait.

I would recommend before you get down to the dock or boat, to stock up on rubber lures and heads before you fish. You will be surprised how many rubber lures and heads you can go through in a short time fishing at night in the Harbor and East/North Rivers.

Again thanks to you and Darth Baiter who enjoyed the articles...

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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