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anyone have any suggestions on how to carry about a half dozen small to medium
plugs/lures while surf fishing other than the broncobag. cabela's has a new chestpak with plaster cylinders. i like the plastic cylinders, but not sure about the pak.

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I picked up one of the knock-offs from Sports Authority that holds 10 9" lures.

When I'm out wading I have it strapped on me for easy changes without having to leave the water.

When I'm going to be doing some chunking, I bring that lure bag, and my monster tackle Bag (Has 8 large plastic cases in it)....

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Sports authority sells surf bags.
I bought one last year.
I think I paid around $20
It holds all the lures I have and it
was cheaper than the Canyon surf bag.
No complaints! Very happy with it.
The Name brand of the bag I have is
called Explorer adventure pack.
It has 10 plastic cylinders and
pockets on each side.
Plenty of room for flashlight,lures,camera,pliers,bug juice,gloves.
The only thing that encountered was that
the plastic tubes were attached with
a cheap glue and came apart.
I just put some crazy glue to hold them

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explorer bags

I saw those at sports authority. They are very heavy without plugs in them.
Spend an extra 10 or 20 bucks and get a lighter one if you plan on carrying it and doing a lot of walking.
If it is nothing more than a box to keep your plugs organized or an easy way to carry them and put them down somewhere, than I guess it's fine.

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explorer surf bags

the tubes are heavy and will come apart on you, but it is a nice bag for the money.

replace the heavy pvc tubes with tubes you make yourself by cutting lengths of the plastic tubing that is used for central vacumn systems.

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