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Eastern LI Sound

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I've been reading through and seeing tons of info Western LI Sound, and not much about out east. I've been an avid surfcaster for 20 or so years, and this is my first year owning a boat. This will be my first season fishing the sound from a boat. I will be fishing primarily from Wading River and further east, near mattituck inlet ect.. I want to target Stripers especially, but also Sea Bass. To be honest I'm not exactly sure where to start. I've studied charts a bit looking for what i take as good locations and will start there. Any advise or techniques from people who fish out this way would be great..particularly pertaining to depth. I really have never fished anything deeper that 25 feet or so.....anything will help....thanks guys.

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You'r not going to get to many answers to that. Not legit ones anyway.
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