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Eagle Scout and Field & Stream

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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

I bring some Great news about about a Local Scout, his name is Benjamin Pearce Jr, he resides in Warwick, N.Y. with his Mother, Father and 2 sisters and is an Eagle Scout in Troop 45 of which I was Scoutmaster (now Assistant Scoutmaster)

He has won a NATION WIDE contest called Boy Scouts of America, Heros of Conservation. Sponsored by Toyota and Field and Stream. From what I understand he'll be on the cover of Octobers issue of Field & Stream (which hits the stands mid Sept) and the award will be givin to him by the United States Secretary of the Interior at the Museam of Natural History in Manhattan. He is a Senior in Warwick Valley High School and hopes to attend Annapolis in September 09....

He's a fine young man, well rounded and I'm proud to know him and his family...

Ken. a.k.a. Warwickfishman

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