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Drop shot rigs.......

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Here is another can of worms. I have learned a little about this rig too but i need more info.Rigs,hooks,baits,sinkers, and a major one can you do it from shore? If so what kind of structure is best to fish it near? I understand the basic principal of the rig i just need more data...........I love this site ;)
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shore bound


They can be used from shore, but I've only had limited success. The best bet IMHO is near bridges, walls, causeways, etc. Anywhere there is a sharp drop off near the shore. Stumps, weed beds, old rock walls, lily pads, etc. are also good structure to poke around in. As usual a boat is invaluable. Much easier to slip up close to cover and put it right on their noses.

I generally use 15# big game w/ a 1/4-1/2 oz sinker. I tie the hook 12-18" above. Hooks vary depending on bait. Iv'e tried everything... grubs, worms, lizards, shad, porkrinds, banjos. They all seem to have a place. Smaller sizes in the early spring seem to produce better than later in the summer when larger baits work well. Good Luck!!
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