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Drop shot rigs.......

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Here is another can of worms. I have learned a little about this rig too but i need more info.Rigs,hooks,baits,sinkers, and a major one can you do it from shore? If so what kind of structure is best to fish it near? I understand the basic principal of the rig i just need more data...........I love this site ;)
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drop shotin'

I've tried this technique while wade fishing some of the lakes on Long Island and upstate and it works where ever you can find structure edges. Either a Lily pad bed or fallen tree's are the best however they are usually on the shallow end of the drop shot spectrum while dropoff's are the deeper end of the spectrum. I like to make a long cast to the edge of the pads and keep a tight line as the bait settles on the bottom i shake my rod tip to impart action to the bait. Then hop it back in short hops and a tight line. Most of the hits happen on the first drop or hop but some times you get hits as you reel it in. The method has many more applications when applied from a boat but will work when used from the shore or wade fishing.

Tight Lines!!!



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