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Drifting with a downrigger deployed

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My brother has this idea in his head about putting a downrigger out while drifting for shark.Idea being that when the downrigger is set down about 75-100 feet you can set the bait back 100 feet and the current will keep it back behind the boat.I don't think this will work at all.Any of you tried this.
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Traffic in the slick

Once again slicks must be kept simple and clean with only fine chum and two or AT THE MOST three baits equally spaced so they all sit in the chum slick at different depths.
A downrigger bait which puts a bait deep and out of the chum is just a land mine waiting to cost you a trophy fish.
Every really good thresher or mako we have even taken or hooked up always came in hot, high, and hard! Grabbing the close bait and then darting into the sea as we in full panic mode reel in the two far baits.
The odds of clearing a downrigger in time during this very tense moment of the trophy hook up without a fish that got away story is very strong!
Slow trolling or power drifting with a downrigger and a Ballyhood lure and top baits is acceptable. During a hot hook up with the boat in gear the odds of a tragic tangle are thin to none.
If the downrigger is hit and a mako goes air borne the surface baits would be well out of the way as they are placed close to the boat in front of the rigger bait. If the opposite occurs the initial run of the thresher or mako is usually on the surface, giving the crew plenty of time to clear the downrigger.
Trophy bites are getting harder & harder so keep things simple!
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