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Drifting with a downrigger deployed

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My brother has this idea in his head about putting a downrigger out while drifting for shark.Idea being that when the downrigger is set down about 75-100 feet you can set the bait back 100 feet and the current will keep it back behind the boat.I don't think this will work at all.Any of you tried this.
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fishon, you can usually get the bait down to the depth you want just using a weight. I don't think you want all that downrigger crap in the water.

MakoMike wrote:
We've done it with an extra chum bag on the downrigger.
I ASS-ume you mean a chum pot, not a bag, the sharks would rip that to shreds, but that aside, why did you put whatever you used on a downrigger while drifting??

from another thread MakoMike wrote:
We usually catch one or two big blues a year and many more whites.
Is this the technique you use to catch the 1 or 2 big Blue Marlin and many more White Marlin every year, drifting with a downrigger??


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