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Dredging Moriches Bay

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Moriches Bay gets more shallow every year. I think the fishing might get a boost if sections of the Bay were dredged. The depth around bouy 29, for example, is way down, and the area around the East Cut, by the islands, could benefit from some dredging too.
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IMO, the patchogue and bellport bays are not influenced enough by either inlet, dredged or not. Obviously, any dredging will benefit these waters, and every effort should be made to keep maximum flow at the 2 inlets. Maybe construction of a third inlet somewhere in between Cherry Grove and the SP bridge? What a beautiful bay it would be!
Love those blue claws but........

the patchogue/bellport area can definitely use a little more "flushing out". Doc, if they do dredge in and around Moriches inlet, do you think this would have any noticeable effect on water quality west of the SPB?
Doc, I live in east patchogue near the bay. I have not really noticed any smell, but what I have notices walking up and down the beach the last couple of weeks is the large number of dead blue claws. They are all small, about 1-2" accross the back, and can be found on the beach and rolling around the initial few feet of surf. There is no visual clues as to why they are dead, they look fine. Anyone else see this or have any clue?
thanks Doc, I am aware of molting and it actually crossed my mind, but this definitely fooled me - pretty clever how they get out of that old shell without doing any damage to it at all!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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