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Dredging Moriches Bay

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Moriches Bay gets more shallow every year. I think the fishing might get a boost if sections of the Bay were dredged. The depth around bouy 29, for example, is way down, and the area around the East Cut, by the islands, could benefit from some dredging too.
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New Inlet?

I've only been ridin the beach in the Smith's Pt area for 10 years or so but in that short timeframe I've seen alot of beach disapear. I honestly get the feeling that another inlet is just one storm away, if you ride the beach you know there's not much between the ocean and the bay in alot of places. You can't run the outer beach from the pavillion to the inlet (must take the Burma Rd) you can see where the waves are beating the crap out of the dunes. New inlet, just wait another season or two, one good storm and you will have your new inlet!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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