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Dredging Moriches Bay

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Moriches Bay gets more shallow every year. I think the fishing might get a boost if sections of the Bay were dredged. The depth around bouy 29, for example, is way down, and the area around the East Cut, by the islands, could benefit from some dredging too.
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The Inlet

A few years ago the had that breach in West Hampton on Dune Road. The bay freshened right up. It is not the bay but the inlet that needs a good dredging. Therr is only about 3 ft of water at low tide right in front of the inlet. I heard they have plans to do it this fall and winter. If they do the sealife and brown tide that is in The GSB will clean up in a heartbeat.
Hope it is true.


If you remember a few years ago when they had that breach in West Hampton the whole GSB got a good cleaning out because of the new flow of water. The crabbing and clamming was great.

In the last few years we have nothing but the brown tide and it looks like coffee rather then saltwater.

I am out of Patchouge and it is bad. No clams small crabs and the weekies are there but small. Snappers are starting to come around but not like they should.

What they should of done when they had that breach is take the fill from the inlet and used that to fill in the breach, same distance! But that required using common sence, 2 birds for the price of one.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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