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Dredging Moriches Bay

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Moriches Bay gets more shallow every year. I think the fishing might get a boost if sections of the Bay were dredged. The depth around bouy 29, for example, is way down, and the area around the East Cut, by the islands, could benefit from some dredging too.
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I agree with baylover, an inlet near bellport or patchogue would do wonders for fishing in the bay. I recall an old salty telling me about an 'old inlet' that was in the area of bellport bay. There is still an area referred to as old inlet on fire island, I wonder if thats it. Seem to remember he said the Army Corp(?) closed it in the 20s or 30s. Anyone hear about this? What impact on the mainland would an inlet have? i.e. higher water, etc...
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