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Here are my thoughts. Before purchasing anything, why not try trolling with mono? Wire and downriggers are cumbersome, so why not keep it simple? If you plan on pulling bunker spoons, I believe that downriggers deaden much of the action needed for the spoon to work correctly, and wire becomes a neccessity.

I have been trolling a shad umbrella on a standard conventional setup with 40-pound test & the results have been great. The key is to slow down ? I don?t go much faster than 3 knots. Last week I worked the same area, with the same umbrella rig, at the same time as a friend who pulled the rig with wire. We had identical results in number and size. This is in an area of heavy current, south of the Verrazanno and I was still pulling up starfish from the bottom.

Here is a double from 2 weeks ago:

Stephen Byrne
NY Bight Editor
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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