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Info on Captain Gary Corsetti and Showtime Charters

The run to the fluke grounds is only about 40 minutes. You would meet Gary at his house in Warwick, RI or at some point on the road and then follow him or ride with him to the ramp. His brand new Contender with a 250 4-stroke Yamaha is a great fishing machine that can do 50 mph if he needs to.

Gary's cell phone is: (401) 241-8037

Gary's home phone is: (401) 739-4563



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NightCaster wrote:
By the way, the next time you see those Fluke beauties, do you think that you could direct a few of them over towards Long Beach?
Hello Richard,
I'll see what I could do… :) BTW: There are large doormats at Long Beach waters… You just need to go deep!

nivekelly Wrote:
Where can I buy a corsetti bucktail? How do I rig them? Would those same bucktails work on the north fork

There are a few Rhode Island shops that carries Corsetti's Jigs (Showtime Fluke Jigs), they come in ½ - 2 oz. and I know they are hard to come by. You might have to call him direct to find out where you could order them. His number is 401-739-4563

how do I rig them
Well, you simply tie directly (palomar- or- Improved clintch knot)… but the key is to keep it close to the bottom and bouncing it! ;)

Would those same bucktails work on the north fork.
I don't see why not?! There is a very reason why I ordered a big order from the Capt. ;)

PorgyMan wrote:
Just one more question, if you don't mind. Fishing that deep, were you using a three-way setup to hold bottom? If so, can you explain the setup.
Hi MC,
That's a good question because the three-way setup is probably the #1 method many would consider when deepwater fluking. It is also very popular at the North Fork and Montauk waters. But when fishing with Corsetti, I tried the three way setup but it was not as productive because he "power drifts"! That is why we are able to use the bucktails in deeper waters;)

Gamakatsu wrote:
Now I understand why you don't want to come to Ratitan Bay on the 23rd.
Hello Gamakatsu
Yep! That is just one of the reasons why I can't go on the 23rd. :)

Bunkerspoon wrote:
How long is the run and how can I get in touch with the captain?
Well…According to Capt. Gary Corsetti, he told me that it should hold up for another month or so (weather, water temp. pending). I know he is practically booked (that's why I book him waaaay in advance) but give him a buzz at 401-739-4563 and see his availability. Good luck!

Just wondering…. For all the doormat aficionado hunters out there….Where else do you know where you can track down an abundant of large doormats? :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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Nikon 995 or these days the Nikon 5000.

As far as the marine environment -- you need to keep it protected -- always in a bag, always in plastic. I you want a camera that is weatherproof you might do well to see what new cameras are out there. Hope this helps.

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