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Leashes are the most valuable pieces of kayak fishing equipment out there, I think.

I use one for my rod, so I don't lose $100 worth of gear if I drop my rod overboard.

I use a second leash for my paddle so I don't have to mess with stowing my paddle to land a fish nor stow my paddle to spincast. I let the paddle float in the water beside me, attached to my boat by the leash.

An article I read last year by an overexcited reporter fishing from a kayak for the frist time described shoving the paddle into the ****pit to land fish. What an inconvenience!

To make leashes, buy 3-4 feet of, say, 1/8" or 1/4" bungie cord, side-release clips, and some webbing.

The bungie and one half of the side-release clip you can tie permanently to your rod or paddle. The other half of the clip you simply attach to your deck rigging with the webbing and ladder-lock clips. The stuff shouldn't run more than $2 per leash.

I hope the picture helps.


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