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Donde Esta Cany?

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he is in chat toggy. why don't you go join him?
FredyFluke wrote:
he is in chat toggy. why don't you go join him?

you made me sorry I said that toggy:)
crabman1130 wrote:

Do I have to press 1 for English in the Lounge now too???????

I will translate for you crabby

toggy was stalking his honey last night. He was hungry too..
eventually he traced his love to chat, posted something that made everyone there lose their appetite, and then he left so he could eat his dinner. :)
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Learning2Tog wrote:
Thats pretty accurate.

I was kinda drunk...thanks for reminding me.

anytime toggy!!

can we call you learning2cod now?
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1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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