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Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata)

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Will be heading to the Dominican Republic on 2/13/03. Looking to do some fishing both on a charter and on my own if possible. Looking for some info as to charters, cost, and type of fish that are running at this time.
If going on a charter do they have decent equipment or should I bring my own.

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MVPAEC here is a good link for you>>>>>..

MVere is a good link to see what is running in the Dominicain now. Hope this helps. Also this link is a site from a Capt. down there call him and ask him how the fishing is to get an idea and make a plan to meet with him before you fish:)Fishing Dominican
another link>>>>

Here is another one for you?
What are the exact dates of your trip?

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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