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does anybody know where Bob is?

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over the years i always ran into a guy named Bob in the surf, seen him in montauk, moriches and Finns every fall. He drives a red dodge ram pickup. He is a plug fisherman , and an expert with the buctail.I think he is a retired police officer. A very nice guy, always offered me some crumbcake when we crossed paths, used to have plugs out the ying yang , I think he had a samuri or trooper before the ram pickup
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Actually Dad, I believe it was:

BouyBoyBob to bad his old friend Incognito isn't around anymore to help harrass him. I saw Bob out at Vinny's over a month ago. Looks funny sporting the new Grizzly Adams beards. But you can't mistake that cigar hangin' out of his face.
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